The process starts with a no charge initial consultation.  I will ask you to prepare an intake form which provides me some basic information about you and your case.  I will then schedule an appointment to meet with you to determine whether bankruptcy is appropriate for your situation.  Although fees for the process can vary depending upon the complexities of each case, I will quote you a fee at the initial consultation.   I do require the quoted fee to be paid before the bankruptcy case is filed.

Once I have gathered all of the required information and have drafted the bankruptcy petition and you have reviewed it and authorized me to file, I will file the case.  All bankruptcy petitions in the Central District of California are filed electronically, which means that the courthouse is always open and filings can be made at anytime, including evenings and holidays.  Once the case has been filed, a case number and trustee will be assigned.  You will be required to attend a meeting of creditors which will be held in a meeting room approximately 30 days after the case is filed.  I will attend that meeting with you.

In a chapter 7 case you will generally receive your discharge within 70 days of the conclusion of the creditor meeting.   In a chapter 13 case you will be required to make payments to the trustee  for the specified length of the plan after the conclusion of which you will receive your discharge.

Each case is different and the facts of your case might be different.  You can call my assistant Janet at 818 789 4055 to set up an appointment.  She will email you the intake questionnaire, set up the appointment date and advise you of documents that you should be prepared to bring with you to the initial consultation.